The S9's clear, plastic handle slides up and down the U-shaped aluminum Frame. When pushed up, the chamber releases SA30 ammo from a bottom hole. When pushed down, the handle becomes "self-sealing" and traps the ammo again. The S9 slingshot fits in a back pocket. It has a moderate pull, and can be accurately shot using the "intuitive method" of sighting. The S9 slingshot will store SA30 5/16" steel-balls in the handle. Ammo is included inside the handle. The S9 slingshot has matched-pull latex RR-1 Powerbands with a soft, split-leather pouch. How fast can you Shoot & Reload the S9?

Details: Slingshots are not toys. For ages 5 and up. Adult supervision required. Always wear eye protection (not included). Inspect for any signs of wear, brittleness, or breakage before each shot. Use caution as shots may ricochet. Please read my safety guidelines and disclaimer before purchasing.

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