Using white marbles has always been my favorite ammo for target shooting. Trumark's bright white tracer ammo helps your eye to trace the ammo's path all the way to the target. Before long, you will be hitting the Bull's-Eye over and over again. Seeing the marble ammo clearly as it heads toward the target, makes it easier for you to become an expert shooter. White Tracer Marble Ammunition is easy to see and find on the ground, so it can be retrieved and shot over and over many times. This helps to reduce the cost of the marbles per shot.

Details: The Tracer's large 1/2" size is also very easy to grip so that the bands can be pulled back smoothly to the shooting position with less hand strain while aiming. 72 shots per bag, enough ammo to fill your pocket for one hour of shooting! Please read my safety guidelines and disclaimer before purchasing.

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