Black Slingshot Band - Qty 5 (Retail)

Black Slingshot Band - Qty 5 (Retail) - Hella Slingshots
Black Slingshot Band - Qty 5 (Retail) - Hella Slingshots

Attach this latex tubing and leather pouch to a forked branch and you are ready to go! It's super easy to attach. No tying required. It just has a loop of latex at the end. Loop over and then tug the end to tighten; like a slip knot. Before securing the other side, make sure it is not twisted and hang straight.

Quantity: This is for a bundle of 5 slingshots. $4 for each band.

Details: Latex tubing is 8" long. Leather is vegan. Adult supervision required. Always wear eye protection (not included). Inspect for any signs of wear, brittleness, or breakage before each shot. Use caution as shots may ricochet. Please read my safety guidelines and disclaimer before purchasing. 

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